Melissa Grey (melissagrey) wrote in youngjustice,
Melissa Grey

[fic] Cissie King-Jones, Civilian

Hey, everyone! This is my first post to the comm. Hard to believe I wasn't already a member. Oh well. Here, have Cissie fic.

Title: Cissie King-Jones, Civilian [Part 1 of In Sorrow We Must Go]
Fandom: DC Comics
Rating: PG (Canon character death mentioned but not shown)
Word Count: Around 600
A/N: Written for prompt #27 - civilian for dcu_freeforall Prompt table is here. This is the first part in an ongoing series. I play fast and loose with canon. It's set some years in the future after Cissie retired, so she's in her mid-20s. 
Summary: Cissie deals with the pain of forgetting and being forgotten.

The worst was when they started dying. For some reason, she suspected it had been easier for them to deal with when they were in Young Justice. )
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