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youngjustice's Journal

Young Justice Unlimited
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Fans of Young Justice
We're not Justice League Junior...we're young, just us.

Young Justice fan community. Post fanfiction, art, poetry, icons, anything that features the characters in Young Justice.

1. What the mod (museofspeed) says goes.
2. Anything R-rated or higher under a cut, please. Same with things that are big or long.
3. I DO NOT TOLERATE HOMOPHOBIA OR HETEROPHOBIA. We like constructive criticism. We do not like flames.
4. All work must be somehow related to Young Justice. You can write about the characters when they're in Teen Titans or in some alternate future where they're the Justice League, but it has to be related to Young Justice somehow. No Rose/Eddie fics or Donna/Kory, for instance. Although those pairings can appear, they have to be there along with the Tim/Kon or whatever.
5. I'm not going to be really mean, guys. There aren't a ton of rules, so just try to follow them and have fun.

Oh, and anyone who wants to join up to help me with graphics, please do.


If you want to affiliate, leave me a message and I'll most likely say yes.

NOTE: Communities such as monitor_duty and comicstore_news follow this community. If for whatever reason, you don't want them linking to your stuff, I recommend not posting here. You can try a note somewhere in your profile (subject bar is best if you want them to see it), but it might not work! It is your job to keep your stuff as private as you want, not the mods.

Remember, the Flying Spaghetti Monster will see whatever you post even through f-locks, so post with care!