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I'm in Your Community, Bringin' on the R/K Fic


I'd like to introduce myself as a long-time stalker who has finally girded her loins, grown a metaphorical pair, and joined the community for a fandom she's been obsessed with for over a year.

I'm a fan of most non sidekick/mentor pairings, but I tend to write slash and gen. Also, the slash is mostly Roy/Kaldur. (P.S.- Don't tell Roy that I'm including him in the 'sidekick' category.)

As my first order of business, I'm going to provide some links to pre-existing YJ fics on my journal. If any of you have accessed some of these before on the YJAnon Meme, my apologies.

Title: 100 Themes Challenge: Part One
Characters: Kaldur, Roy
Pairing: Roy/Kaldur
Rating: T
Summary: Individual, often un-related drabbles.

Title: Boxers or Briefs?" (Part One)
Characters: YJ Team + Batman
Pairing: none (so far)
Rating: T
Summary: Or, Five Times Kaldur's Lack of Underwear Was Disturbing, and One Time It Saved The World.

Title: Chipped
Characters: YJ Team + Roy
Pairing: Roy/Kaldur
Rating: M (non-explicit)
Summary: Kaldur's been acting strangely since the simulation. Roy wants to know why.



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